CFO’s Slow To Hire, Even During Growth

According to Deloitte survey results, even though CFOs are showing a strong growth in sales, earnings and capital expenses, they cannot show the same growth in hiring.

Deloitte performed a quarterly CFO Signal survey for the first time this year and 130 leading CFOs from many of North America’s largest and most important companies attended to this survey. Most of the Chief financial officers (CFO) are quite sure about the appearance of their companies on the other hand actions taken by government makes them thinking.

According to survey results social and environmental political line, reorganizations and changes at health platforms are getting the highest priorities in CFO lists.

Here are some findings of the CFO Signals survey:

All surveyed industries project revenue and earnings growth while keeping both costs and employment in check.

Even though they are thinking positive about all businesses they are also expect only slow increases in hiring — domestic employment is expected to get 3 percent of growing. CFOs believe that current value of  the productivity , reducing hiring new people can help the growth of companies in next days and years.

Despite the things happening in global markets CFOs looks quite confident with their loan and resources.
CFO job is a stressful job due to job description.  CFOs are trying to find new challenges in financial areas, they are always supporting major changes and new innovative ideas in their companies and also they should be able to give strategic decisions when it is needed.
According to Greg Dickinson who is the director of Deloitte’s CFO Signals Survey: Most of the CFOs believes that  they are not hiring new people, they are reducing the number of employers but the productivity is still increasing.

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