Sugarcane Ethanol Advertised During Indy

The regular gasoline that you avail at gas stations is one of those dangerous compounds which emit huge amounts of greenhouse gases. I’ll suggest you the perfect substitute; sugarcane ethanol. This product, in fact, has an advantage of being renewable and will save you enormous amounts of money. Racers from the IZOD Series commented about these fuel driven cars in 30 second advertisements during the 2010 Indianapolis race.

Famous racers namely Ryan Hunter-Reay and Ana Beatriz shared some interesting facts in the advertisements about the product which were very convincing for the viewers. The company which called for the advertisements, UNICA, has always lived up to their word; they’ve always delivered ethanol which is 100% grade fuel for the Series. The company is the biggest supplier of the product.

The 2010 Indianapolis race is the much awaited event of the year and UNICA’s CR has chosen this exhilarating event to convey the true essence of sugarcane ethanol. There are numerous benefits of the fuel that have been highlighted over and over again in the advertisements; such as light on the budget as well as on the environment. These commercials were specially constructed for the 99th event of Indy 500. There will only be two commercials aired for which numerous sponsors would be fighting; however, UNICA won and has designed persuasive advertisements for the masses. The broadcast of the show and the advertisements will be aired on 30th May on the ABC network.

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