Research Links Depression To Delayed Healing From Diabetic Foot Ulcers

New research shows that depression can affect to the period of healing diabetic foot ulcers, as well as the patients way of handling with the situation. An analysis was made through adopting 93 patients suffering from diabetic foot ulcers. For 24 weeks the patients were examined, the size of the patient was measured from the beginning of the study, after 6 weeks, 12 weeks and lastly, after 24 weeks. Researchers also evaluate the amount and rate of psychological distress among patients, how they deal with it and the level stress of a hormone called cortisol. They found out that the probability of curing ulcer over 24 weeks depends on how a certain patient handles the circumstances. The result was patients that are able to handle the illness effectively or in a challenging way a more likely to heal the illness rapidly. Kavita Vedhara, University of Nottingham England, along with her associates assumed that this type of stimulating technique may unintentionally be unsupportive in this circumstance since ulcer takes a long time to be cured, thus, patients who try to control their illness will more likely to experience suffering and irritation due to slow result or development. They also found out that despair affects the development or healing of ulcer in 24 weeks. These results drive them to make another project which goal is how to help patients in dealing with the illness to increase the rate of healing on ulcer. Diabetic Foot Ulcer is due to minor skin injury that fails to heal. It is said that about 15% of patients with type 1diabetes & type 2 diabetes tend to develop ulcer.

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