New Mothers Found To Have Feeding Problems

A newly released national-survey chronicles the frustration and emotional hardships displayed by first-time Mothers regarding feeding issues.  A national survey, commissioned by Playtex, reported that 85% of new mothers having their first child experience at a minimum of one feeding-related problem when attempting to care for their newborn.  Feeding related problems seem to be one of the most recurrent and common issue to a first-time mother.

Playtex, being an industry leader in infant feeding, set out to better understand the complexities facing new mothers when feeding their new born infants.  They conducted a survey to gain access into the understanding what most first-time mothers worry about most.  Their aim was to develop meaningful solutions to help mothers overcome the anxieties and worry of feeding and caring for their newborn babies.

On a whole, a new mother spends most of their time exclusively feeding their newborn.  It is huge part of the bonding process and is all consuming during those first few months of life.  The survey focused specifically on the challenges that new Moms face during those first few months and found some core similarities specific to almost all new Moms.  Almost all of the women surveyed confessed that it is not as easy to feed a baby as they one thought.  Although most of them felt that they were prepared prior to delivery, they found afterward that it was not what they had expected.  The problems of feeding their babies were mostly related to gas problems and or latching or sucking issues which caused their babies to not get adequate amounts of food.  A large majority of the Moms felt that feeding time was just as much about bonding as it was a nutrients to their infant.  Many also felt that they just didn’t get enough help or advice from those around them to be prepared for their encounters.

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