Prop 21 Supported By The Entertainment Industry

Prop. 21, a national campaign to provide funding to state parks and beaches, is being met with support from the entertainment industry in part due to the importance of those very state parks and beaches to halting runaway film production.  The November 2 ballot measure is a campaign that is seeing growing support across the board.

Prop. 21 is proving to catch the attention and support of film commissions from the entire state of California.  Almost all of the major industry leaders have hoped on board to support the agenda in November, including the Location Managers Guild of America, which has high influential ties within the film world.  Believing that State parks are essential locations for employment and film creating within California, many industry leaders are not only standing behind the proposition, but helping to further the agenda altogether.  Knowing the extreme importance to the economy and livelihood of California as a whole, they believe that funding for the parks and beaches are essential to maintaining its production status on the forefront of movie production in the United States.

In recent years, the neglect of State parks and beaches in California, mostly due to its lack of funds and declining economy, has led to poor maintenance and the need for many expensive and well-desired repairs in order to keep them a viable place for production.  Many have fallen upon closing or being shut down due to lack of funds for maintenance.  Thousands of acres have fallen waste-side, becoming a real wasteland, having the production companies looking elsewhere for filming.  This has led to the resurgence of attention to California’s great landscaping and rich offering.

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