PA And IL Bet Over Cup

The National Hockey League (NHL) will mark a historic event for Pennsylvania and Illinois. Their governments will be having a friendly gamble over the Cup which will benefit the homeless and needy. The deal incorporates the losing Governor to provide free food to the winning city’s shelter homes. In fact, the food bank created shall also have labor provided by the losing government at zero cost!

The first game of the Cup had the Philadelphians visit the Chicagoans and the latter are expected on the third game in Philadelphia.

The governors had also embedded in the bet a clause where the loser shall visit the winner city and distribute a food specialty of their city while wearing the winner team’s sweater. If Rendell, Governor of Pennsylvania loses he would slip in a Chicagoan sweater and distribute Philadelphian cheese steaks in the Windy City whereas if he wins, Quinn, the governor of Illinois will clad himself into a Philadelphian sweater and give out pizzas in the city or Brotherly Love.

The food bank that has been decided on shall be visited by the losing governor and he shall help out there, as well. In support of his team, Governor Rendell remarked that their homeless would definitely love Chicago style pizzas. He also approved of Quinn’s looks in his team’s sweater. Pennsylvania has had a prior cup in the Stanley’s and this one will be their second.

Philadelphia won the Eastern Conference title against Montreal, while the Western Conference title was swept away by the Chicagoans, which was against San Jose Sharks.

This is a very delightful step taken up by the governors. This will surely benefit the shelters for homeless in the champion city.

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