Digital Illusions and Rick Haynes Push The Boundaries of 2D

One of the greatest inventions in the field of science and technology is the holographic art. The theory is based on the principle that the universe is stored in two-dimensional boundary, unlike the common belief of a three-dimensional universe.

This great art has been now put to real life. A bar and canteen in Las Vegas, Nevada has just had a holographic makeover by the two giants in the field, Digital Illusions and Rick Haynes. Lolita’s is a famous restaurant in the gambling capital of the world, serving thousands of customers each day with great quality food and drinks all day long. The restaurant had the experts work on their place and make it the only club in the world to have the holographic environment.

The club now has holograms of DJs and dance girls, while their real versions are still on the floor making the customers happy. The owner of Lolita’s, Eric DeBias said, “The whole idea behind the holographic theme was to have fun while being interactive in more than just one way.” The club is set to open next week, with top notch celebrities and paparazzi flocking the place, which is going to be the hip and happening hangout den in town.

The most famous attraction at Lolita’s is the centre stage, where the customer’s will be able to sit and eat, while enjoying their custom holograms. The illusions that are created as a result are the best one’s that can be found. The other commendable thing offered is the power given to the DJs to choose holograms of their choice to go with the type of music that they are playing, ranging from dancing girls to mariachis.

“Digital Holograms will revolutionize the entertainment industry and create endless opportunities for the businesses and the customers both,” said the Digital Illusions owner.

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