US Investment in Smart Grid Technology Increases Customer Satisfaction

According to J.D. Power and Associates Reports Smart Grid Technology and Smartmeter increases customer satisfaction with electric utility providers, but on the other hand awareness of this technology rates are still low .

$4.5 billion has been spent by the US government for the development of smart grid utility system. J.D. Power and Associates Reports show us the result of these investments. It seems that the technology already known by a small part of residential customers of electric utilities. Of course that is an advantage for utility provider, the customers with the knowledge of smart grid and smart meter technology are more satisfied and they would like to keep their good cooperation with the provider.

Smart grids and smart meters technology gives communication chance between electricity providers and customers. Technology allows utility companies to improve their power stability, they can also improve their conversation enterprises. When we check from consumer point of view new technology allows consumer to receive detailed information regarding their power usage.

According to report one in six customers say they know the actions taken by utility providers about this new technology, on the other hand five of the customers are not aware of this technology. Knowledge of customers has increased during the past year, from 12 (2009) to 16 (2010) percent. Utility provider actions are known by customers depending on the region in US. For example at California, Idaho, Georgia and Oregon almost 28 percent of customers know about this technology. In Arkansas and Montana the awareness is quite low.

According to report it is important for utility providers to listen the customers and take their opinions and use them in their future plans, these companies have the chance to give a new shape for the market in the near future.

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