Katy Perry And Equinox Fitness

With #1 smash hit “California Gurls”, the outspoken and outrageous pop star, Katy Perry has proved that she is neither out of mind nor out of sight.  With the release of her new album, the queen of the beach heads is all set to rock her fans with her mind blasting singles. On the beautiful evening with Equinox Fitness Clubs’ EQ Sessions Celebrity Sets, Katy proclaimed and promised that her singles would be as delicious as the sugar free candy. Listeners can get the set of all high energy tracks and numbers at equinox.com/eqsessions that are handpicked and sequenced by Katy, herself.

Everyone cannot match Katy’s energy when she is on stage, but now people can feel her flow at the beach, gym or just anywhere. If Katy’s fans have always been wondering that what is on her IPod, then just check-out her EQ Sessions Celebrity set. This set features some chartbusters from her fellow icons like Kylie Minogue, Beyonce and Rihanna. Senior Creative Director for Equinox believes that Music is a necessary aspect for the Equinox experience and as their monthly in-house EQ Sessions were getting all the rage, they decided to encourage iconic pop stars to Guest DJ monthly Celebrity Sets.

When Madonna decided to DJ, Volume One of the Celebrity Sets, Equinox pumped up the volume on the venture promptly and made sure that Equinox parameters are fulfilled, that is, songs were up-tempo and factual to the pop star’s personal taste. Soon various music icons favored this project including LaRoux, Jason Mraz, Slash, One Republic and Cyndi Lauper. No financial rewards are allied with this program, as the icons do it for the sake of music, the brand and for the members associated with Equinox. Some part of every download will benefit the aid organization, “Cycle For Survival”.

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