American Healthcare Tourism On The Rise

Although much attention has been given recently surrounding American’s traveling abroad to find more inexpensive healthcare and medical procedures, not much has been given to the reverse, other nationalities traveling to America for the same reason.  The United States maintains its status as one of the most highly medically traveled nation because of quality of care and expense.

Health Options Worldwide, a medical tourism company, allows soon-to-be medical patients the opportunity to research, reserve and request healthcare options from home.  It allows patients the ability to search surgery and treatments based on affordability, cost, experience, different treatments needed, geographical locations, cost and quality of care.  While some are researching for the most inexpensive care, others are more concerned with the quality of care.  No matter what criteria you are searching under, the information on medical travel is readily available.

Recent statistics show that over 750,000 American’s have traveled for medical care in 2007, with the number of those traveling overseas increasing tremendously with each successive year.  American’s are being driven overseas due to the rising cost of medical care in the US and the growing number of those finding themselves in the absence of medical insurance.

An interesting trend in the report is that most of the foreigners who travel to America for their medical care are doing so not because of the expense surrounding our medical care system, but because of the quality offered, which is unparalleled by almost no other nation.  It has been suggested that America would benefit from an international medical insurance program.  American hospital revenue would increase if we were to offer foreigners the right to purchase insurance into our healthcare system.

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