Berkeley Varitronics Develop Cell Phone Detection Hardware, Help Prisons Control Inmate Cell Phone Usage

With the days passing and technology getting advanced, cell phones are become smaller and slimmer which makes it easy for the prisoners to carry it along with them into the prisons.  It has recently been noticed that Berkeley Varitronics Systems have announced the test results of the Wolfhound cell phone detector when the security was on its peak.

The sales manager of BVS India, Mr. Sandeep Natekar along with their associate and Bangkwang officials tried to check and used the Wolfhound to trace and locate ten cell phones. The shocking part was that all the operation was completed in less than thirty minutes. The cell phones were found after passing the seven layers of the area of tight security. The Wolfhound, a device which is used to pick up the RF energy of the cell phones was made to work in the prison and fortunately it provided the best result. It was amazing to see it work even when the energy passed through concrete walls.

This whole operation in turn impressed the Corrections department of the ministry of defense. The officials had sent a letter of appreciation to Berkeley Varitronics Systems stating the vote of thanks which made them know a powerful device which has the ability to detect cellphones in hard areas. Undoubtedly, the device seems to work in an efficient manner and has improved the system of catching cell phones with prisoners.

There are other expensive solutions available for the detection of the cell phones which require a network of various wireless sensors together which is little difficult to install.  As compared to the new device called Wolfhound, It is not that effective and Wolfhound is found to be highly alternative and quite portable for the work. This requires low training for the staff and does not use jamming which interferes with lawful cell traffic.

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