Women’s Pro Bowling Comes To Cowboy Stadium

A remarkable event had been added into the sports history when for the first time ever, the Bowling Proprietors Association of America announced a Women’s professional bowling event to be held at a traditional sports venue. To achieve this hosted event at the Prestigious Cowboys stadium at Arlington, TX and agreement has been made between the BPAA and 2011’s Bowling US Women’s Open/ further details will be advertised as the agreement gets finalized.
Kelly Kullick said that it will be an exciting moment for the bowling industry and the women’s sports both.  Kelly Kullick is a professional bowler’s association title holder. Along with that, she has won the Best Bowler award from ESPY and, the first woman to ever win a USA team. Moreover she is also a two-time winner of the Open.  She is the first lady ever winning a Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) title, also having won five times as Team USA and two times at the Open.

This announcement was issued at the General kick-off session of the 2010 International Bowl Expo at the Las Vegas Hilton.  BPAA Executive Director, Steve Johnson invited upon the stage many revolutionary female sports stars including bowling executives and athletes in delivering this remarkable announcement. Fans went wild and crazy with cannons exploding in the air after following an emotional video history of the US Open Brand.
On each side of the 50-yard line, the Bowing’s U.S. Women’s Open would display the tournament tracks at the stadium’s center in the playing area. Adding to this stunning arrangement is the broadcasting of this event live on the stadium’s very own 60-yard high definition video screen, ensuring all fans and VIPs enjoy the match to the fullest with the best possible seating arrangements.

This event is supported by Ebonite International brands. It is open to all female youth and lady members alike across the USA. During the 2011’s International Bowling Expo, the finals shall take place, hoping to catch attention of over 8,000 fans from the entire bowling industry.

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