CJ 7 Game

“CJ 7”, which  was released worldwide 30 January, 2008 is a film about a poor man who finds an alien which he mistakes for a toy and gives as a gift to his son. Acted in and directed by Stephen Chow, the famous Chinese actor/director, the movie touched many hearts in the audience and gained much acclaim.
The movie gained attention from the Chinese online game developing company, NetDragon Websoft Inc. and they approached Stephen in order to gain his permission for making an online role playing game which can be played by many people at the same time. The reports in the past few months showed positive response from Stephen and it has now been confirmed that a beta version of the game has been put to test by the gaming giant about one month ago.

The game is based on the same story as in the movie and Stephen has been part of the design and management of the game’s making. The game is set to be released along with the launch of Stephen’s animated version of the original film, named CJ 7: The Cartoon. According to another report, the game is approved by the China’s Cultural Ministry for being environmentally friendly and a having a negligible global footprint.

NetDragon Corporation is one of China’s biggest and growing enterprises, leading the online gaming market with its experienced and highly skilled staff and great games that have made many fans over the few years that it has been around. One of the most famous offerings of the company has been Monster & Me, the firm’s first ever online game. An employee at the company proclaimed that the deal with Stephen Chow to release CJ 7 Online will be a huge success for all concerned parties.

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