Cage Speaks Out for Gulf Coast

Various survivors of the dangerous hurricane were still prevented from getting back to their homes. This was done after the disastrous Hurricanes like Katrina and Rita gave a set back to the survivors. Unfortunately, the gulf coast is not reeling with the worse situations due to oil spill. On account of this, actor Nicolas Cage speaks up on the behalf of all the victims in a video which is produced by Amnesty International USA. The main motive behind the complete strategy was to make the survivors get a safe place to live though the hurricane after effects still persisted in the situation.

In the movie, actor Nicolas Cage talks with local community leaders as he strives to live the storm disaster in the Lower Ninth Ward.  He commented that those people staying in Gulf Coast should be moved back to some affordable safe place where they would continue to live as they were living before. Cage had participated in the Annual meeting in Amnesty last spring.

Director of Amnesty international, Larry Cox compels the US government to put a question to the human rights order to seek a response to the oil spill, future disaster situation and the effects which take place after the hurricanes.

Amnesty International makes a note of awakening for the federal government in order to create advisory council to ensure that local residents concerns are addressed in a fair manner.  It was also said that that oil spill is proving to be quite disastrous for human rights. The main effect could be seen on the health of the survivors which was deteriorating. Their right to get an adequate standard of living and to gain work was threatened by the oil spill which was affecting the marine life of various organisms in a negative way.

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