Lewis and Aschenbach Take Checkered Flag

Following a bad week of runs that worried associated ALMS opponents, Mosport major Shane Lewis and great substitute Lawson Aschenbach were receiving the patterned banner behind thousands of Canadian and US supporters on twilight Sunday after lunch period, although few pit avenue faults, a warm circuit and the hardest passage at all occasion this period.

Lewis appeared the No. 88 Porsche in 3rd place. Shane instantly got his car to second position with an excellent beginning, and then forced the traffic for more than an hour to chase the first position vehicle of Bryce Miller stage followed by stage. A bad guidance from his service wall had him not ready for a motorist shift, but he changed swiftly to give the vehicle to Lawson Aschenbach, his partner for this week while squad chief and motorist Jerry Vento was incapable of going to Mosport due to an occupational assurance.

A quick discharge from service area had the crew with a punishment to oblige. Lawson swiftly finished the punishment when the circuit got green. Lawson was rushing behind quickly when a vast smash relating to first placed Hines placed the contest beneath yellow flag. The cars went beneath the yellow flag till the contest instructor allowed the red flag whereas the handrail was being restored on path. The lengthy hold-up permitted Lewis and Aschenbach moments to design their plan from first position for the final half an hour of the pursuit. Lawson got in the vehicle for his winner’s lap as the team enjoyed on the service barrier.

“This was a hard victory! The circuit is so speedy, risky in a few areas while you are concerned with 4 dissimilar types that are completly fighting for the success,” said Lewis.

Following competition is the last race of the 2010 ALMS spell at Road Atlanta on 2nd October.

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