Auto Manufacturers Push Safety Belts

Nowadays in US automobile manufacturers association (Automobile Manufacturers group includes 11 car manufacturers and small truck manufacturers) push passengers and drivers to use safety belt when they are driving. At the same time this group also making pressure on government to take more actions on this topic. They want from government to strengthen safety belt laws and they also want to set these laws as primary laws. Primary laws allows a traffic police to stop a driver whenever they see a problem regarding safety belt during driving. On the other hand with secondary laws you can only stop a car in case of another traffic problem that means you cannot stop driver just because of safety belt.

Safety belts are saving a lot of life every year in the world. The usage of safety belt in US is changing and in most of the states 90 percent usage rate reached already. That sounds really good but on the other hand statistics also give some results which we should more think about like already 45 million drivers don’t use safety belt in US.

$120 million money spend by automobile manufacturers during the past years of course that helped a lot to make people aware of  the importance of safety belt. The usage rate of safety belt also increased. In 1994 the usage rate was 58 percentage only when we check 2009 it is already 84 percentage. This information is taken by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Primary laws for safety belt already in use in many different states in US nowadays according to statistics primary and secondary laws changes helped a lot to increase the usage of safety belt in US. Just in 2008 by the help of safety belts 13,250 people get their life back.

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