New Liposuction Findings

The fastest-growing liposuction specialists has recently released an article based on its experience with liposuction, Sono Bello, which is now available on their blog.  The work is based on over 1,000 laser liposuction procedures and documents the recovery times and ability to return to work for their clients.  It also includes ratings on satisfaction of their clientele and their discomfort and any side effects experienced.

Almost everyone has parts of their body which they don’t like.  No matter how much time we spend in trying to change the contour of certain areas, there are some which no are resilient to change regardless of exercise and diet.  With the new advances in liposuction procedures which include less invasion and much less down time for recovery more and more patients are turning to liposuction as a real alternative.  Even though the incidence of the procedure is increasing very little studies have been conducted regarding its practical use.  Although Liposuction has been around for a very long time, long term studies, as well as, general procedural inquiries have not been previously available.

Sono Bello has been the first industry leader to publish information relating to liposuction and give anyone thinking about having the procedure done accurate and immediate information allowing them to make a truly informed decision about the pros and cons of having it done.  They have published all of their statistics online on their blog to be freely disseminated to anyone doing research into liposuction. Sono Bello has eight locations nationwide and employs over 22 board certified practitioners who specialize in plastic surgery.  Boasting over 5,000 satisfied clients, they have above and beyond the experience necessary to continue to preform these procedures.  They are highly specialized in that they perform laser-assisted liposuction procedures and Velashape treatments.

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