Hispanic Magaine Reports On US Job Opportunities

The first national Hispanic magazine announced the report for the year 2010. In its 13th year, this magazine’s annual report marks the level of benchmark for identifying corporations that are providing good career opportunities in the Unites States for Latinas. This report is known to be the most respected evaluation of the corporate career advancement opportunities of America.

More than 800 of the corporations in US were included during an extensive search in 2010. Various companies who responded to LATINA Style’s questionnaire were evaluated on the basis of issues which the readers of LATINA style had identified. Main key areas of evaluation are: Total number of Latina executives, mentoring various programs, educational opportunities, working policies, dependent child care support, benefits availed by an employee, some women’s issues etc. Evaluation was done and the reports were created on the basis of the data available in 2009.

Robert E. Bard, president and the main CEO of LATINA Style commented about the Latina’s corporate growth which was impaired by the various struggling economic conditions in the today’s market. The lack of seniority of the Latina’s has made them at a disproportionate disadvantage implementing the retention effort. The company recommends various companies that though there was economic and market pressure, companies have resulted in maintaining or increasing Latina representation in their upper ranks.

Many reliable resources for Latinas have been provided to evaluate various companies which after a year of research believe that today’s LATINA Style magazine truly displays some of the best opportunities America can offer. 2010 will be the 13th year which has been recognized as one of the best places as a workplace for Latinas.

Annual awards ceremony will take place on February 3rd, 2010 which will honour the LATINA Style 50 during LATINA style’s conference to be held in Washington DC.

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