Lohan and The Shamwow Guy

As summer nears a close the highly anticipated Underground Comedy 2010 “The Shamwow Guy” is set to hit the theaters.  “The Shamwow Guy” is being hailed as a hilarious underground comedic hit.  Starring such obscure actresses like Lindsay Lohan and Joanna Krupa, and well established funny guys Michael Clark Duncan, Bobby Lee and writer/director Vince Offer, this one is sure to deliver some hysterical scenarios.

The trailer is now available on YouTube.  Following along the lines of Vince Offer’s debut “Underground Comedy Movie” released in 1999 which the critics labeled as one of the most offensive movies ever produced, “The Shamwow Guy” is expected to bring in the same offensive laughter.

Vince Offer, best known as the infamous infomercial pitchman, has been the first to cross over the line to become somewhat of a cult icon in the movie business drawing in quite a following of diverse fans.

Offer utilizes the satyrical nature of Hollywood by allowing Lindsay Lohan’s character to take a shot at a paparazzi character who plagues her throughout the movie, giving a little realism to her on screen character.

Offer’s work is also followed and esteemed by Hollywood clientele such as Snoop Dogg who recently incorporated Vince’s famed chop line into his verse debuted in Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” hit released this past summer.  Also admiring Vince’s work, controversial Eminem slated him to write and direct a two minute video for his recent “Recovery” album.

Vince Offer’s anticipated “the Shamwow Guy” debut will certainly draw a high and diverse group of movie goers to the theaters this fall.  Check out the trailer online to get the first glimpse of this raunchy hilarious feature film.

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