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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One: Battle to be Your Next Android Phone

Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One

HTC and Samsung are the top two vendors for Google’s Android mobile platform. Samsung has been far more successful in the recent product cycles, but HTC is fighting back with a new eye pleasing model and aggressive pricing.

The HTC One started accepting pre-orders yesterday for the April 19th release. Early rumors put the 32GB version at $249, but that was cleared up with AT&T confirming the $199 2 year contract price. This is on top of HTC offering an additional $100 Visa card by mail with a qualifying trade in. Radio Shack is taking their deal a step further by selling the AT&T and Sprint version for $189 while throwing in a $50 credit to the Google Play store for apps. Using the HTC trade in program, $10 off coupon and The Play Store $50 credit the phone is an amazing deal.

Samsung recently announced their followup to the successful Galaxy lineup in the S4. They had an elaborate event at the New York Radio City Music Hall to announce the phone complete with symphony and a Broadway play. Critics had a field day poking fun at Samsung for the cheesy performance, but it was unprecedented event for a single device announcement.

Blogs also pointed the starting point of the S4 to $249, but it appears to be starting at $199 for the 16GB version. This is half the storage of the HTC model, but it includes a microSD slot for easy expansion.

Which phone is best for you? Well it appears both will be available on all 4 major US carriers, plus a few of the smaller regional carriers. Specs and looks will be a toss up for many, but here a few highlights on each.

Samsung offers a slightly larger screen with a faster processor. I already mentioned the expandable storage with the microSD slot, which is still a huge benefit for many users. Physically it looks similar to the S3, but manages a larger removable battery while still being thinner and much lighter than its predecessor.  Samsung also has included a large amount of exclusive software features including S Health, Air gestures and a screen that works with gloves.

The HTC One comes in a very pleasant aluminum uni-body design. Haters of plastic and the Samsung phones should fall in love with the One’s look and feel. Beats audio might be a marketing gimmick, but the front facing speakers are of much higher quality compared to anything else currently on the market. Zoe is a new camera feature from HTC. It will allow a quick 3 second video while being able to pick out individual frames for pictures. This could be a game changer as cell phones are typically slower to capture moments and blurry upon much movement by the subject. Ultrapixels are a new HTC invention that result in better low light photos, but not as crisp regular photos due to only being 4 mega pixels.

Both phones have their advantages and disadvantages  Fans of HTC will flock to the One and Samsung fans will likely do the same to the S4. Non ‘fan boys’ will have a true choice to make and in my opinion you can’t go wrong either way. Samsung definitely has the marketing advantage and a recent agreement to put their own stores within 1400+ Best Buy’s is going pad that advantage.

Are you debating between these two phones? To throw another wrench into your thoughts how about waiting until after the Google I/O event coming up in May. Will they announce the Nexus 5? It is doubtful considering the Nexus 4 is only a few months old, but it could happen. A mythical Motorola X phone has also been long rumored. As always, any of these phones will be top of the line and whatever you choose will be knocked off the totem pole quicker than we like.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 versus the HTC One

Phil takes a look at the Samsung Galaxy S4 alongside the new HTC One. It’s metal versus plastic. Samsung versus HTC. Man versus machine. Or something.

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