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Kindle Fire 2 vs iPad: Which will be a Better Tablet?

New Kindle Fire

The age of technology constantly improves on itself without fail. Buy a computer in January and by the time the summer of the same year comes to an end, a better version is ready for sale. Sometimes it may take longer but the end result is the same; a new and improved model is born. An example of this would be the Kindle e-reader as Amazon recently introduced the new Kindle Fire tablets with or without HD. Usually, the norm is that the newer model will be better than the original or previous one. However, change is not always a good thing and when looking at what the new Kindle tablets are offering, some may rather stay with the original.

Being that the purpose of the Kindle e-readers has been for downloading and reading books, it seems better features are being offered to provide more for the user. Watching movies or reading emails are options that were provided on the previous Kindle, but the Fire models offer different versions for the consumer to choose from such as a 7-inch or 8.9-inch screens, built-in 4G and a varying storage capacities.

The consumer will be happy that the new Kindle Fire HD has a much better vibrant screen than the original tablet, which came out a year ago. The new features help bring it into closer competition with Apple’s market-leading iPad, keeping in mind that they introduced one that has a higher resolution screen earlier this year. These options will make the consumer smile as one thing people like is having a choice in buying or using a product. Unfortunately, the same thing that will make the consumer want to buy a product might also do the opposite when taken away.

Having a say or choice is one thing that drives the buyer when deciding on purchasing a product. The previous Kindle gave the user the option to either buy a more expensive model that didn’t have ads constantly shown or the user could “buy out” of the ads after buying the Special Offer Kindle by paying the difference at another time, which was done through your Amazon setup page.

The new Fire models will not offer any non-Special Offers versions available at a premium, though the option is available for e-ink Kindles. Also, a spokesperson from Amazon confirmed to CNET that there will be no way possible to buy out of the Special Offers ads. This is a direct contradiction to an earlier Engadget story that stated that the user would be given the opportunity to opt out of the ads.

So, though the newer model offers better features, a choice has been taken away from the user when it comes to opting out of ads. Would this be enough to make a consumer look elsewhere?

Amazon is not hiding anything when trying to achieve its’ ultimate goal; which is to make a profit. CEO Jeff Bezos at the launch of Kindle said, “We want to make money when people use our devices, not when they buy our devices.” Whether a person may or not have a problem with that, the consumer is saving money when comparing the Kindle to the iPad.

For those who are looking to have a particular need or needs satisfied, I am sure people will go with the new Kindles for the reason of buying a product that does the job and costs less than the iPad. The problem is that people like to have choices or a say in the product they are using. Also, some do not react well to change. People who liked the idea of opting out of the ads and now has it taken away from them may respond in a negative way.

In an article written by John P. Falcone of CNET, he feels that Amazon will end up taking the heat for their decision for two reasons. His first reason concurs with what I have already mentioned in that consumers hate having options taken away from them. Maybe only a small percentage of consumers would actually activate the opt-out option but they “like that it’s there.” His second reason, which he feels is more of a bigger issue, is that Amazon wasn’t as transparent with the change as it could have been. The “with Special Offers” choice is highlighted when you purchase the e-ink kindles, however, when you buy the Fires, it’s been pushed down the feature list.

In getting back to the original question, I think it would be too hard, at this point, to say overall if the newer Kindles will outshine the original. Usually, one would think yes with the bigger screens offered as well as additional features. However, taking into account the new prices as well as not having the opt-out option available this year as in last year, Amazon consumers will most likely shun away from the new Fire Kindle.

So, the consumer will be left with two choices: buy the new Fire Kindle or go with the competition and try other device such as the Google’s Nexus 7, Barnes and Noble’s current or upcoming Tablet, try out one of the many Samsung’s Galaxy modes or wait an attempt to eventually try the iPad Mini.

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  1. sandy says:

    will you be able to read outside in the sun light with the new kindle fire 2? I can’t with the current fire.

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