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Kim Dotcom Launches Mega 1 Million Users Sign Up In 24 Hours

Kim Dotcom Mega Fileshare

Kim Dotcom has launched his followup site called Mega, one year after his residence was raided by New Zealand police. The claims were based on copyright infringement for his file sharing site called Megaupload. At the time of the raid, his site had over 180 million registered users.

Kim is still battling these charges and extradition to the US, while his bank accounts are frozen. Questionable tactics along with an illegal warrant were used and he is still fighting.  So, how does one launch a new site with more security and features?

Private investors with a lot of cash are helping with the launch. With advertising and his previous success it was an easy decision to back Kim and his endeavours. The new site went live and within 14 hours had over 500,000 users signed up. At the 24 hour mark it is believed to be well over a million. Many numbers are being thrown around, but nothing has been official since the 1 million figure.

From his official Twitter account he tweeted the following. “If I would tell you how many signups we had since the launch you wouldn’t believe it. I can’t believe it. So, I won’t tell you.”

This morning a few screen grabs were posted showing estimated numbers from Alexa. Dotcom claims that Dropbox traffic is down and that mega.co.nz is the worlds biggest .co.nz site in the world after just 3 days.

Kim Dotcom Mega

Mega, very similar to previous Megaupload, which allows its users to share files with each other and offers the service for large files. Mega will give users 50 gigabytes of free storage to start. This is a step up from the 2GB free from Dropbox or the Googe Drive program from Google. A key difference between the old Megaupload, Dropbox and similar services is the encryption and decryption method.

The end user is the only party that holds the decryption key for the uploaded files. Dotcom believes this method will keep his company safe from future lawsuits since his servers don’t know what type of information is stored. Without the decryption keys, Mega has no idea if you are storing pictures of a birthday party or pirated movies.

Security of this measure does come with a giant caveat though. Users that sign up initially with the service are unable to change their password, ever. Tying the password into the encryption means it is impossible to change without compromising the security.

If you do sign up for an account it is best to keep that password very secure and complex in nature. Once the account is setup it can not be closed according to the new terms of service. You are able to delete the files, but your account will be forever active.

Will you be signing up for the service from Mega? Do you feel safe with your backups or any valuable file with the service?

Kim Dotcom launches new site. Mega

Kim Dot Com, perhaps the United States’ most-wanted computer geek, once operated the file sharing website ‘Mega Upload’. It’s estimated that it accounted for up to four percent of the world’s internet traffic. A year ago, however, US authorities had the site shut down, and charged Dot Com with piracy. He managed to escape extradition to the US, and now he’s started a new website that allows users to share files – but also to choose who they share them with.

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