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Is Guest Blogging The New Article Directory Submission?

Remember the days when all you needed to do to get a bunch of links was to mass-distribute articles to directories? That seems like a distant memory now in retrospect. The game has changed. Guest blogging has now become one of the most powerful ways of making a site rank higher with Google. In early 2011, Google ranking factors began to change, and they have dramatically changed the search marketing game. Gone are the days when websites could use plenty of keywords, and back linked content to convince Google that they were worth a high rank. The focus at present has shifted from that, and sites with clear, quality and original content are earning their placement.

So, what is guest blogging? Guest blogging refers to an article or blog that gets written by a party who is not connected in any way to the hosting site. Writers usually do guest blogging to grow their readership, in front of an audience they would not have access to normally. However, the main purpose of guest blogging is link building. When you write on another person’s blog, you get a backlink to your website. If the blog you post on is a quality domain and has page authority, your Google ranking improves.

Should You Be Choosy When It Comes To Guest Blog Posts?

Any guest blog posts you write must be relevant to the blog’s topic. Guest posts are very controversial;  some are likely to dilute your authority if posted. Badly written guest posts, like articles that are irrelevant and simply stuffed with keywords, are not worth your time.

Google promises its users great and relevant content. Giving your audience great content that they find engaging as well as informative will see you reap better rankings in future. Guest blogging is one way of doing this, because it gives you an opportunity to gain more authoritative backlinks. Although some people consider guest blogging time consuming, it delivers outstanding results compared to most SEO tactics. Google usually thinks highly of original and quality content that other people have seen as worthy of sharing. Since guest blogging involves just that, your site ends up ranking high.

Guest blogging improves your authority, and it brings an audience to your site, and not just worthless traffic. Anyone can get traffic by using pay-per-click and other strategies. This does not improve your ranking, and it might not drive the specific type of audience you’re targeting. Moreover, you’ll be charged for every lead. You’re better off investing your time and resources in guest blogging, which will yield long term results. This means that if you want to rank highly, for the right audience, you better employ agreeable strategies like guest blogging.

Placing relevant guest blogs on highly authoritative sites sees your target audience associate your blog with high quality information. To be precise, some of the authority of the blog you post on transfers itself to your site. Though guest blogging is very demanding in terms of time and resources, it will eventually pay off. Moreover, you could opt to use guest blogging services from the numerous providers available today.

Clearly, while guest blogging is not a direct replacement of article directory submission, it is a more worthwhile investment as it will give you more bang for your buck.

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