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Android Based OS Ouya Game Console Release Date Set for April 2013

Ouya Gaming Console

Do you remember gaming systems such as the Nintendo, Sega, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, and GameCube? Well over the past 6-7 years there have really only been three major gaming systems in the market today.  You have your PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and your interactive Nintendo Wii. It has been awhile since a new system has tried to rival the big 3 but one gaming console that looks like a tissue box will do just that.

It was first revealed last month as a console that is powered by the Android OS. The price alone turned heads of potential corporate buyers when it was unveiled that is cost a mere $99, a big difference from the $299 consoles we have in the market today. The console seemed to be very popular as far as the website Kickstater goes. It had the second biggest earning in Kickstarter history making $8.5 million in donations and endorsements in just a few weeks.

However the Ouya is different in several ways from the big three consoles. For starters, the Ouya is certainly looking towards the future rather than staying in the present as it is in the development of all digital games right now, rather than actual gaming disc. The cube like console hooks up to your television and comes with a Game pad like every other console, but unlike every system selling their games to the public and in stores, the Ouya games will be sold only on the online app store for now according to Yahoo.

This issue would appear to be a major challenge for the Ouya as most gamers like to have a physical disc they can go and buy at a store. The Ouya will look to mimic the app store model that made phone and tablet gaming so popular. A small advantage the Ouya will look to have over other consoles, is the price of games. They will be dramatically lower than the $60 games there are today, but it may take the Ouya awhile to get the popular games that are made for the big three consoles.

With a target date of April, 2013, the Ouya is far from ready but has been making big strides. They already have a mock version of what the controller will look like as well as the handful of games that will be released. The controller actually looks pretty similar to both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. So comfort could be a plus for gamers if they keep this version of the controller. It has also been reported that the Ouya will be able to support media players that will allow users to stream content from other networked devices according to TIME.

There is no question that the Ouya has the daunting task of trying to compete with the likes of Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft for gaming consoles, but maybe with time and a little luck it can make a name for itself.

About OUYA – First Ever Open Source Gaming Console

Ouya, a new gaming console that is based on the open-source Android operating system. Its Kickstarter campaign has raised almost $3.5 million dollars in under two days, with almost 25,000 consoles already sold! Its goal is to provide a platform for indie & open development, with games that are free to play or at least free to try, and have the console itself cost less than $100. Can the Ouya compete with the PS3, XBox360, Wii or WiiU?

Discussing the OUYA Controller – New $99 Gaming Console by PTesh

Discussing the new OUYA controller on the brand new up and coming gaming console. Looks like a boomerang.

New $99 Gaming Console OUYA

Having a little talk about the new gaming console that is in the makes. The OUYA, Im really into this console and want to see what its is capable of hopefully it rises to the challenge and is strong enough to compete with the Xbox360 and PS3.

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