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Amazon Fire Phone Review: Steps Ahead With New Features [video]

I’m going to get right to the chase and tell you that I expected the Amazon Fire Smartphone to be really unimpressive, cumbersome and a let down. Why did I think the Fire Phone would suck? Well, if you read all the reviews that have been coming out about the phone everyone sounds like they’re extremely depressed about the phone, it’s quality, features and what it does. I’ve read that the Amazon Fire Phone really has nothing new to bring to the table. I’ll just let you know right off, I have no clue what these people are thinking, this phone has innovated in areas other companies have not.

I got my hands on the Amazon Fire Phone last week on Friday and had the whole weekend to play around with it and experience what I like and don’t like. The first thing that wowed me out of the box was the Dynamic Perspective. I was actually expecting some type of 3D Display like the HTC EVO 3D I had seen before, but Amazon’s version of 3D was entirely different. First off, the screen on the Amazon Fire Phone is crystal clear and there is no wonky weird filter to make the screen look 3D. Instead the Dynamic Display shows the entire time when the phone is turned on.

Dynamic Perspective

The first place you’ll get a taste of the 3D like dynamic display is when the lock screen displays. The screen magically lets you look “into” the phone as it has depth and you can almost look around the corner from all of the displays. What I finally figured out was that I didn’t even have to physically move the phone. The Fire Phone can be lying on a table or it can be on the floor and as long as the Fire can see your face from the four cameras on the front, it will readjust the display according to where you are. You’ll find yourself bobbing and moving your head to get a different view.

The dynamic perspective is the most impressive feature to me and is used through your entire experience of the phone. The fonts on the Fire move towards the direction of your gaze and the app icons also have a 3D tilt like they’re standing off of the phone when you move your head or physically tilt the phone.

Fire Phone Gaming

Gaming on the Amazon Smartphone I could see could definitely become a big selling point as it gives your more control and perspective than you’re used to with another smartphone. I played the game called, “Clay Doodle” and was really impressed with the way you can mold clay but spin what you’re working on with a title of your wrist. The phone almost merges with your world becoming part of it, which truly impressed the heck out of me. Another fun game I became quickly obsessed with was the Monkey Buddy app which allows you to have your own monkey that you can pet, tease, knock off his pedestal and do all sorts of tricks and things with. You can give the phone a good shake and the monkey will wobble. Pull your phone back and wave at the monkey and believe it or not, he waves back at you as he watches you with the four cameras on the front. Kiss at the monkey and every once in awhile he’ll give you a big old smooch. I can see kids, teenagers and adults alike finding new ways to interact with their games. If you ask me, this is a step into the future and it really makes me think about what is down the road in 5 – 10 years when games are completely interacting with you and you’re immersed.

Fire Maps

The maps feature is pretty darn cool as well as it gives you the tilt functionality and brings in the 3D view where you can look around things in the map environment. It’s certainly a new way to look at your location and give you a new perspective. You can tilt the phone to bring up different menus not only during the maps app but at any time while you’re using the Amazon phone. It’s intuitive and seems to add extras to the phone that you won’t be use to in a good way.

Tilt Menus & Reading Scroll

Amazon Fire Phone Maps

The tilting functionality allows you to even use the phone with one hand. This could be useful for those that want to drive and refuse not to put down their phones while on the road, not something I’m recommending but I can see how it would help. One tilt can bring up an entire app access menu, the other can bring updates, weather, shortcuts and more. Speaking of tilting, I found out by accident that while you’re reading the Fire Phone has an automatic scroll function when you tilt it just slightly. You can speed up your reading scroll by tilting more or completely stop it by leveling out the phone.

What Sucks?

So I seem to love the phone, what is it that I don’t like? I don’t like that Amazon’s phone is like an iPhone with glass on the front and the back. Accidents happen and covering everything is glass is classy but it’s also ripe for create trouble, cracks and damage. When using the phone for even moderate amounts of time I’ve also noticed it gets quite hot. I was walking around an outside mall with the phone in my cargo pocket and found it pretty sizzling just sitting there in my pocket.

Amazon Prime & AT&T Exclusive

If you’re ready to try this new phone out it seems that AT&T has the hold on exclusivity and they’re the only one you can get this phone that breaks that mold right now. I seriously think that this phone has a new way of looking at a smartphone implemented into daily features that impress, simplify and bring this device a little closer into your living breathing world. On top of that, if you’re an Amazon Prime junky like me, you’re going to love buying things so quickly and easily with FireFly and all the built in Prime integrations. All those negative reviews of this phone still leave me puzzled, enjoy this phone if you decide to make the jump!

IGN Demo & Walthrough of Amazon Fire Phone’s Features

Amazon Fire Phone Review

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