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Android Based Game Console Ouya Release Date Set for June at $99

The popular Kickstarter project from Ouya took another big jump today. They announced that after the Kickstarter original units ship they will also be available from major retailers for $99. It is the latest popular Kickstarter project to successfully move in the retail world. What is Ouya? It is a simple Android powered video game console that will include a single blue tooth wireless controller.... 

Android Based OS Ouya Game Console Release Date Set for April 2013

Do you remember gaming systems such as the Nintendo, Sega, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, and GameCube? Well over the past 6-7 years there have really only been three major gaming systems in the market today.  You have your PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and your interactive Nintendo Wii. It has been awhile since a new system has tried to rival the big 3 but one gaming console that looks like a tissue box... 
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