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Frog Sitting On A Bench Like A Human Makes Him A Famous Bullfrog [video]

Frog Sitting On A Bench Like A Human

Sometimes there are some things you just have to see and seeing a frog sitting on a bench like a human is possibly one of them. You may not even be able to grasp what exactly one would mean if they told you they saw a frog sitting on a bench like an every day person.

If you’re an animal activist and you’re worried if any animal was hurt in the filming of this highly provocative piece of viral material, don’t fret. Apparently the YouTube user who has become famous, along with this frog says the frog wasn’t harmed in the making of this viral video.

The description is sure to let you know that: “The video was shot entirely fortuitously. The frog is OK. There is no nails, no glue, animal abuse, etc. Later, she jumped off the bench and galloped away to the water.” This frog isn’t any frog, it’s a bullfrog that is apparently not very afraid of humans.

You can probably guess that while this frog wasn’t glued down to the bench we might see in the future videos of more frogs sitting in odd places. Unfortunately popular videos like this spawn copycats and it just may put frogs in the bulls eye for people that love taking a crack at viral fame.

Enjoy your peaceful human-like frog sitting time. This frog is peaceful and now you should be too!

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  1. Anon says:

    Colloidal gold nanoparticles lodged in the brain of this frog combined with EMF and EMF.activated by handpghone or iPad. Very vicious.

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