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Nike Fuel Band Aims to Make Life & Fitness A Game With Nike+ FuelBand App Tracking

Nike Fuel Band Launched

Nike is trying to change your life and #makeitcount as they launch a new fitness product that has a hashtag, flashy promotional video and a website that looks like Tron is taking over fitness products. The Nike Fuel Band just might become all the rage for workout enthusiasts.

The Nike FuelBand has had some success on YouTube getting a lot of attention from sites like Mashable.com and fitness gurus, magazines and other workout blogs & videos. The Nike Fuel Band allows you to track your NikeFuel every single day and offers unique additions like mobile integration.

Fuelband Fitness TrackingThe tech specs list the Nike Fuelband connect and sync features as USB & Bluetooth paring for mobile phone users with Nike+ FuelBand app for iOS 4 & 5. This device may not work with Android based phones by bluetooth since it’s not mentioned in the specs.

Nike describes the fuel band in three easy steps of How It Works, It Starts With a Goal and Make Life a Sport. The How It Works section describes Nike+ FuelBand as a tool that tracks you activity through a sport-tested accelerometer, then translates your moves into NikeFuel. Nike+ FuelBand tracks running, walking, dancing, basketball – and dozens of everyday activities.

The Goal features of the Nike FuelBand ask you how active you want to be? You can set your daily goal and Nike+ FuelBand tracks your progress, lighting up from red to green throughout the day. Get to green and you’ve hit your goal. Making life a sport is the way that Nike wants you to live your life. It allows you to turn everyday into a game. You can challenge yourself to capture records, reach new milestones, unlock special achievements and more. You can go on a streak by seeing how many days in a row you can get to green.

People on YouTube have disclosed the price at $149.99 for a Nike Fuel Band. Some call the Nike FuelBand an over priced pedometer but exclaiming people will still buy it because it’s made by Nike. Some people refer to apps that do similar activities with your cellphone already available in Android Marketplace & Apple Apps. There are even ruder comments that elude to personal activities that one could track to improve their self pleasuring activities with goals. You be the judge, is this the next fitness trend? Watch the video below.

9 Responses

  1. Justin says:

    Does it track sleep, food and teams and challenges like the jawbone band?

  2. Nik says:

    The food tracking portion of the Jawbone Up is ridiculous and is not useful in any manner. Sleep tracking…Probably not, but I bet it will last longer than three weeks unlike the Jawbone Up.

  3. trent says:

    If it had an mp3 player built in, or gps, or more bluetooth connectivity not limited to just the app, I would buy. But I’m leaning more toward the MotoACTV from Motorola.

  4. Chris says:

    this is cool

  5. Joel says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about paying to give Nike data about my activity levels so they can collect it to make more money but I’ll probably buy one because it seems fun. Seems like they will probably come out with a better version in the near future.

  6. The Light says:

    The horror. Are people really this stupid? Conditioning is right. Conditioning you to think being tracked by unscrupulous Corps is just fiiiiine….


    • Chris says:

      Paranoid much? Oh noes, Nike+ will be able to track my activity levels…how terrible..

      However I am interested to see how it interfaces with the Nike+ sensor and may pick this up as a replacement for the Nike+ Sportsband, but $150 is a little pricey.

  7. Jack says:

    Not sure you understand what unscrupulous means. Nike has been around for many years and are not part of some government plot to track the people’s caloric daily expenditure. Seriously listen to yourself, and stop watching conspiracy theories on the history channel.

  8. Blake says:


    You are so right! Thanks for posting.With 65% of Americans being over weight,maybe the fuel band will give them an incentive to move their lazy gluteus Maximus.

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