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X-47B Drone Spotted in Washington D.C. Looks Like UFO

UFO Sightings

People in the D.C. area had their heads turning while traffic was backed up due to construction at Kenilworth Avenue, but claiming they saw a UFO on the Beltway near College Park, Maryland.

Around 11:00 p.m. Wednesday drivers first spotted the aircraft being transported on a flatbed trailer on I-270, then on I-495.

However, this UFO looking aircraft wasn’t one at all. WTOP was reporting it was a X-46B, rather it was actually a X-47B drone that was being moved from West Virginia to Naval Air Station Patuxent River in Southern Maryland. The UFO looking aircraft is the same type of military vehicle (Northrop Grumman’s RQ-4A BAMS-D) that crashed earlier this week near Salisbury, Maryland.UFO Sightings

Maryland State Police at the McHenry Barrack confirmed the aircraft seen on the Beltway was a military airplane. The X-46B is 82 feet long, 32 feet wide and 14 feet high.

Matt Funk, lead test engineer, told NBC4/WRC-TV that “in the coming months the X-47B drone will be seen flying over the base and surrounding area along the Chesapeake Bay.” In other words, people will be seeing more of these UFO looking aircrafts.

According to Daily Mail, the X-47B will be the first unmanned vehicle designed to take off from and land on an aircraft carrier. A military press release said, “As part of the program’s demonstration, the X-47B will perform arrested landings and catapult launches at Pax to validate its ability to conduct precision approaches to the carrier. The base is one of only a few sites in the world where the Navy can run performance tests on aircraft-carrier catapult operations at a land-based facility with flight test and engineering support resources not available on a ship.”

UFO in Washington DC?

X-47B Drone

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