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Winning Numbers for Mega Millions 12/17/13 Drawing

Mega Millions Winning Numbers 12-17-13

The second biggest lottery jackpot under the Mega Millions brand is set for an estimated $636 million for the December drawing held on December 17th, 2013 on Tuesday night at 11:00pm EST. The Winning Number for the Mega Millions drawing are:

Mega Millions Winning Numbers:

08 20 14 17 39 MB 07

12/17/13 Mega Millions Numbers

The payout for the Mega Millions winning ticket is $636 million if you take the jackpot annuity payout which is over 30 years. If you take the cash lump sum payment you’re estimated winnings will be $341.2 Million in cash. Depending on which state you live in taxes will be different and you’ll end up with a differing amount after taxes have been taken out.

It was strong sales of the lotto tickets that pushed the original estimated jackpot of $586 million to the current $636 million MegaMillions Jackpot. People all over the country were standing in long lines to lay down some serious cash sometimes. Reported purchases in the thousand dollar ranges were coming in from different parts of the US.

The rules for Mega Millions were changed on October 19th, 2013 which increased the odds of winning a prize but decreased the odds of winning the jackpot. The list of rules that were changed were announced by the California Lottery Association as follows:

  • The starting Jackpot changed to $15 million from $12 million.
  • The field of numbers to choose from changed from 1 through 56, to 1 through 75.
  • The MEGA number field changed from 1 through 46, to 1 through 15.
  • The overall odds of winning any prize changed from 1 in 40, to 1 in 15.
  • The odds of winning a jackpot changed from 1 in 176 million, to 1 in 259 million.
  • The jackpot annuity payout changed from 26 years to 30 years.

Mega Millions New Odds


So now that you know the odds of winning the Mega Millions jackpot are harder than they used to be, what other things do you have a better chance of experiencing or having? Well, we’ve looked to an older story we published during another lottery ticket buying frenzy and here are some things you have a better chance of happening than winning tonight:

  • You are more likely to die playing high school or college football than winning this lottery.
  • An asteroid impact is more likely to cause your death than your chances of holding a winning ticket.
  • The likelihood of meeting your demise from a bee or hornet sting is much greater than winning tonight.
  • You have a much better chance of dying from a shark attack than winning Mega Millions.

As you can imagine, the news coverage has been amazing, here are some videos that are popular today about the Mega Millions jackpot tonight that is announced at 11pm EST.

Mega Millions Hits Second Highest Jackpot Ever

The Mega Millions’ jackpot has reached the second highest amount in the game’s history at $586 million. Ticket holders have a one in 259 million chance of winning, but can win up to a million dollars if they get 5 out of the 6 numbers correct. (Dec. 16)

Dreaming of the Mega Millions jackpot

The jackpot for Tuesday night’s Mega Millions drawing is now the second-highest in U.S. history.

Mega Millions craze taking over country

Millions of people have the chance the fulfill their dreams of either quitting their job, living on a beach or doing both — with a little luck and $1.

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