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Samsung Announces Galaxy S4 Mini, Release Date will Soon Follow

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Specs

This year is shaping up to be a huge year in the gaming world. The PS4 and the Xbox One are set to make their much anticipated arrivals sometime this winter, just in time for the holiday season. Smart phones may also have a pretty big year as well. The Blackberry z10 and the HTC One are currently having successful outcomes from their debut a month ago and others look to follow suit.

This summer will see the arrival of the newest installment to the iPhone franchise, as Apple looks to push the boundaries of technology with the iPhone 5s, but one of their biggest rivals, Samsung just revealed they plan on releasing a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini sometime this year.

Samsung announced Thursday, May 30th at a press event, that they are in the works to bring a mini version of the Galaxy S4 to the market.

The GS4 mini will be a lower powered dual cord processor version of its flagship GS4 and will be packed with up to 8GB of memory a Micro SD card that will allow your 64GB of memory. Along with a sleek 8 mega pixel back camera and 1.9 mega pixel front facing camera.

As you may have already guessed, the screen on the mini is slightly smaller than that of the GS4. The mini will have a compacted 4.3 inch screen, the device will also run on the 4.2.2 Jelly bean android operating system according to CNET.

“It seems as if people are starting not to like 5-inch display phones because they’re too big to carry around. I think the Mini offers the premium and best features of the Galaxy S4 in a more pocket-able size,” Galaxy S3 device portfolio manager Brendan Arndt said.

“The iPhone remains the preeminent narrow innovation product, We are moving to an economy where the narrow innovation is the dominant mode, Samsung is realizing that and I think that is the main push behind the GS4 mini,” Forbes business analyst Haydn Shaughnessy said.

“The new age of narrow smartphones are occupying executive and engineering time constantly as companies eke out advantage from a very broad range of innovations, aimed at satisfying narrow segments,” Shaughnessy added.

The camera features on the S4 mini might gain a lot of attention as it has upgraded and enhanced some of their qualities to pictures and videos taken on the device. Users can indulge in the panorama and HDR modes, along with night mode, burst shot, and several others that help pick the best of the bunch.

The new sound and shot mode to the device is sure to turn some heads, as it allows users to record an audio clip to narrate the still and plays back on the phone. They also have a new mode called dual-shot mode which will allow users to take a picture using both the front and back camera, although not too much detail has been revealed about this feature other than that.

Samsung has yet to reveal pricing or availability of the Galaxy S4 Mini, but the company could spill more details on the phone at a London launch event slated for June 20.

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Mini: A Summer Preview

Sam Grobart reports on upcoming smartphones from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini hands on

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini Hands-on! If you are among the people who just can’t put up with the increasingly larger sizes of smartphones nowadays, then this might be something that catches your eye – a smartphone with more compact dimensions, but still packing a lot of punch!

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