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Jodi Arias Manifesto

Jodi Arias Manifesto

Jodi Arias trial resumed on Monday and LaViolette took the stand, an unexpected twist occurred as the prosecutor questioned her about a “manifesto” that has been reportedly written by the defendant, Jodi Arias, “in case she became famous.”

Prosecutor Juan Martinez continued his attempt to prove defendant Jodi Arias did not kill Travis Alexander in self defense as he questioned defense witness and psychotherapist Alyce LaViolette. During the questioning, Martinez made reference to a “manifesto” that Arias signed “in case she became famous,” although it has not been officially entered as evidence or has yet to be explained in court.

In order to find out more about the manifesto, The Huffington Post filed an official request with the prosecutor’s office for a copy; however, an official said it may take time before such a request could be approved.

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