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Matt Stonie Eats 4 Chipotle Burritos in 3 Minutes, Finishes with Diet Coke

Matt Stonie Eats 4 Chipotle Burritos

Eating one Chipotle burrito can leave a person feeling full, but add 3 more burritos and a 3 minute time limit, yikes. Competitive eater Matt Stonie, 21-years old completed this epic food challenge. In just 3 minutes, he completely ate two chicken and two steak Chipotle burritos, then washed it all down with a Diet Coke.

In his Reddit bio he says, “For those wondering who I am, my name is Matt Stonie, 21 yrs old, from San Jose CA. I’m a Competitive Eater Ranked #2 by MLE and make Youtube Videos for Fun. All other info you can find around somewhere :)”

Matt Stonie is also known for setting a world record by eating 5.5 pounds of cake at his 21st birthday party and he supposedly plans to become a dietician after college.

The YouTube video description explains why he wanted to take on this challenge. “So I saw a video of The “LA Beast”/Kevin Strahle eating Chipotle burritos like a baby, so I felt I needed to show him how to do it right.”

In the video you can see him barely chewing on the Chipotle burritos. As he gets past the 2:22 mark, it doesn’t look like he’s about to pull it off, but he makes it and with 15 seconds left, he guzzles down the last of the Diet Coke.

Some of the video comments make note of him not even chewing before swallowing. AdobeExcel says, “He doesn’t even chew. My Goodness.”

Aznpersuazionn says, “Wow, this is absolutely amazing. I can only eat half a Chipotle burrito and feel miserable, putting myself into a food coma. Nice.”

Kenbot asks, “Hey Matt, how does ingesting so much food in a short amount of time affect your body. Does your body produce much collagen after a meal like this? Do you have to eat the following day? What does it feel like!”

While others comment about how long it takes them just to eat one burrito. Cosmic Soul said, “Dang! 4 burritos in 3 minutes. It would take me more than 10 minutes to eat just 1. Good job dude! Stay safe.”

Profess84 says, “Matt you are a Legend. It literlly takes me five to eight mins to finish a Chipotle Burrito.”

4 Chipotle Burritos & A Diet Coke

So I saw a video of The “LA Beast”/Kevin Strahle eating Chipotle burritos like a baby, so I felt I needed to show him how to do it right. Challenge today is 4 burritos of any kinda, I did 2 Chicken/2 Steak, and a Diet Coke.

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