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Kids React to Old Computers: Fine Bros YouTube Video Proves How Far Computers Have Come

Kids React to Old Computers

The Fine Brothers, who have the popular series “Kids React to …” on YouTube, recently asked kids ages 6-13 to react to the Apple II.

The kids first were shocked about the size of the Apple II computer.

Then they struggled to turn it on, tapping on the monitor and waiting for it to do something, until the moderator informed them that the power button was on the back.

They then learned about the reset button and computer commands to get the computer to do anything.

The moderator asks kids how they access the Internet on the Apple II, and one girl types in “Google,” which produces the familiar “Syntax Error” response.

“There was no Internet back then,” the moderator informs the kids.

Then the kids learn that most of these initial home computers were mostly used for doing math, coding, and typing documents, they were shocked even more.

For most of the video the kids try to figure out why someone would want to do so much work to get any response from the computer.

The kids are then handed a floppy disk, which many of them mistake for a CD. After catching on that you need to type the command ‘print’ before doing anything, many of the kids try that to make the floppy disk work.

The moderator explains to them that if the computer was on when you put the floppy disk in, it will need to be turned off and turned back on for it to work.

Finally, they get to play an old game. “I like this better than Flappy Bird!” Sydney, age 6, says.

Eventually, the moderator hands the kids an iPhone, and tells them they’d need at least 850 Apple II devices to equal the power of Apple’s smartphone.

“Technology is awesome!” one girl responds.

The video has been viewed more than 6.6 million times since it was posted Sunday on YouTube. It was also made in partnership with AMC ahead of its new series about early computers called ” Halt & Catch Fire.”

Kids React to Old Computers

The Fine Brothers have kids react to an old Apple II computer.

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