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Kelly Ripa Belfie Demonstration On Dave Letterman Shows All What a “Butt Selfie” Is

Kelly Ripa Belfie

It’s been coming up more and more in the news as celebrities are revealing their belfie for fans on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. You may have seen or heard someone mention a “Belfie” sometimes with the hashtag symbol in front of it like #belfie but you just may not know it’s really just selfie of your behind.

While on the David Letterman show a conversation came up from Kelly Ripa that she had sent her husband in LA shooting a show, “a cute butt selfie in my underpants.” She told David, “you know a picture.” David Letterman says, “I have never heard the term butt selfie.” Mrs. Ripa replies, “The technical term that you would know this of is a belfie.” The conversation goes on where David Letterman says it doesn’t sound disgusting but it may be illegal.

We’ve included a video of Kelly Ripa showing her belfie on the David Letterman show below which was shared on the YouTube account Late Show with David Letterman.

The demonstration from Kelly Ripa shows how she was standing in a mirror and making her belfie. The funny part of the story however is how the Apple Cloud accidentally allowed Kelly to share her private butt selfie to her husband’s parents. The father-in-law had received and Apple gift from them which was connected to their cloud backup service. After the belfie went out Kelly received a message from the parents saying, “Dear Kelly, we are so proud of all the hard work your exercise classes are really paying off. You look great, may God continue to bless you.”

It was an embarrassing situation but the information came out and now people have decided they wanted to see more Belfies. If that’s what you’re looking for just go to Twitter and search for belfie and you’ll surely see more of that! We’ve provided a small sample of the popular hashtag #belfie for you to see that people are making parody belfies with their dogs, kids and all kinds of crazy mashups. Let us know, are you sharing your belfie too?!

Twitter Belfies

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