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James Holmes Colorado Shooting Raises the Question: Are Theatres Safe?

Dark Knight Shooting

With the anticipated showing of The Dark Knight Rises, the movie opened with a bang; literally. In Aurora, Colorado, it has been reported that a gunman opened fire on people in the audience and killed 12 people as well as injuring at least 59. The suspect, 24 year old James Holmes, was shortly arrested and is now in police custody. People have speculated that this act was carried out by an individual with a crazed mind while others think this was a trial run for a terrorist attack. Whatever his reason was, Holmes act has caused concern in the minds of people everywhere. In fact, it brings up a question that may not have an easy solution to it. That question for movie goers is, “are our theaters safe?”Batman Movie Massacre

According to officials, the suspect purchased a ticket for The Dark Knight Rises midnight showing. Once inside the movie theater, he propped open one of the emergency exit doors so he could later bring in four weapons and a tear gas canister. He was said to be wearing dark clothing as he stood in front of the theater. By 12:30 am, he hurled the canister and proceeded to fire into the crowd. With gas appearing everywhere, screaming being heard, sounds of a gun being fired, bullet casings falling on people’s heads; the end result was utter and complete horror.

Excluding those that were killed, those injured and present there will be recovering for a long time, maybe never escaping what is known as survivor’s guilt. For those unaware of the term, it refers to those that survive a life and death situation while someone else doesn’t. The survivor feels guilty that they survived and has to overcome the guilt of being given the opportunity of escaping death. Some see it as a second chance and continue living their lives; evening making improvements as a result. Others can’t overcome and end up in deep depression and eventually decide to end their life. Those who did survive may feel a lack of safety and not go out to watch a movie again. Are they right?

You would think most people watching and listening to this news that the concern for theater safety is a problem. In Paris, Warner Bros. said they were canceling the premiere because it would be inappropriate in light of the tragedy. Some theaters have declined to show the movie while in others, such as New York City, police are providing extra security for the movie showing in the five boroughs. This is fine if the consensus is the movie is the trigger to preventing other shootings worldwide.

However, is this what has to be done for moviegoers to feel safe every time they go to see a movie? Obviously, it would be too expensive and not enough man power to be able to do this 24/7. Then what is the answer? Those who generally feel safe going to see a movie do not have to concern themselves with the question. They can buy a ticket, get their refreshments, sit in the theater to watch the movie and leave after the ending with never being concerned for their safety. Others may think twice now about going to see a movie or get nervous if they see someone who may look suspicious.

Even during the movie if someone suddenly gets up from their seat, are they going to use the bathroom or getting ready to start shooting people in the audience? Do you feel safe going to a theater to watch a movie or are you concerned for your safety? What do you think?

Batman Movie Massacre

Witnesses to the horrific massacre at a midnight showing of “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises” in Colorado described a chaotic and terrifying scene as movie patrons fled for their lives when a gunman opened fire, killing 15 people. The gunman, believed to be a 24-year-old James Holmes who lived near the Aurora, Colo., theater, was masked and wearing black clothes when he set off some sort of explosive and then opened fire, witnesses told reporters.

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