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iPhone 6 Expected to Have Fingerprint Sensor Detection, Release Date Summer 2013

iPhone 6 Release

We live in a very modern technology world were T.V’s are becoming more picture perfect, Video games are becoming more real, and Cell phones are becoming more than just a texting and calling device. There are a shortlist of things in life that we can say will always happen, such as paying taxes, death, and technology changing. The cell phone for example, is just one category of technology that has changed dramatically over the past decade; flip phones, side-kicks, and non-touch screen phones may seem a bit out of date in this day and age.

The popularity of smart phones has seemingly taken over the cell phone market as technology has changed; big names like Apple, HTC, Samsung, and Version have phones that are pretty much the tops of the cell phone market.

One of the more popular phones out right now is the iPhone, even though Apple takes tons of criticism for making a new phone, in what seems like every few months, they are exceptionally good at re-inventing the way people use cell phones.

With the fifth installment of the iPhone still booming and competing for top spot against Samsung powerful giant of the Galaxy Note II, Apple has shifted its attention to pushing out the iPhone 6 (a.k.a 5s). About a month ago, I talked about the newest iPhone and how it will come in a variety of colors, just like the iPod touch.

Along with being available in multiple colors the newest iPhone looks to make Apple history when it will have different phone size for the same phone. The current iPhone is 4-inches, the new one looks to be the same, and also expand to about 4.8 inches.

The new size and new colors for the iPhone have been making headlines, but with the rumored news of a fingerprint sensor detection on the phone it has certainly turned heads. Even though it is just a rumor right now that the phone will have this fingerprint detection, it is interesting that Apple has recently purchased Authen Tec which is a mobile network security company that specializes in fingerprint sensors.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has correctly predicted the launches of Apple products in the past, and thinks the iPhone 5s will be released in June or July 2013. He also believes that the iPhone 5S will have an improved camera and will have a more powerful A7 chip, along with the new built-in fingerprint sensors.

Some analysts are predicting that that the Apple iPhone 5S or 6 release date could be as early as summer 2013, although some say September of 2013.

iPhone 6 Trailer. Features for iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 is coming faster then you think. Here is an iPhone 6 trailer of what it might look like.

iPhone 6 First Look, Release Date and Spec Review

In this video I go over some of the new iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 features, concepts, rumors, and leaks!

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