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Hipkey a Bluetooth Proximity Sensor for iOS Shown off at CES 2013

Hipkey App

With the amount of money a person will spend on an iPhone or an iPad, it would be a good idea to take measures in not losing it or having it stolen. Though there are apps and devices already out on the market to help with this, but during CES 2013 another device shows off.  It is supposed to help locate your iPhone but has other functions as well. This low energy Bluetooth smart device is known as the Hipkey and will be made available sooner to the consumer rather than later.

Traveling all the way from Denmark, Danny van der Poel has brought to CES a device that can go inside your pocket that will monitor your iPhone. This version of a digital leash was already made available for sale in the European Online Apple Store in December and was such a hit that it quickly sold out. The Hipkey is a small aluminum device that is meant to attach to a keychain or some other personal item.

Using Bluetooth technology, it is meant to pair up with your iPhone whereas it becomes a digital leash for your phone. Before arming it, you have the option on setting the distance between the Hipkey and your phone. Settings start at small (2-5m), medium (15-20m) and long (30-50m) distances between the two devices before it triggers a vibration or sound alarm. The main use is to avoid leaving your iPhone behind and the free software download appears to be well designed as well as offers other functions.

Though primarily made for protecting your iPhone, the other modes of Hipkey do not make it limited to only protecting your phone. In alarm mode, this function warns if you forget your iPhone or iPad as well as if someone tries to steal it. Child mode will warn you if your child starts to wander away from you. Putting it in Motion mode will help warn you if someone moves your bag once you place Hipkey inside it.

Finally, putting it in Find Me mode will help you in quickly trying to find your iPad, iPhone or even your keys at any time. Also, you can establish a “Safe Zone” at any location that will prevent the device from setting off automatically at any shorter proximity. Hipkey will still go off if you pass the longest range.

The device uses a rechargeable battery that will last 2-4 weeks and takes four hours to recharge. It is easy to carry as it has a small compact design which is 50mm in diameter with ultra-thin 7mm sides. It will naturally fit in hand and your pocket, easy-to-press keys and has a flexible key hanger that makes it easy to attach to your keys or other items. Despite Hipkey being introduced at CES, it will already be made available on the Online Apple Store on January 15th for the price of $89.99.

Hipkey for iPhone or iPad

Hipkey is a motion and distance alarm that keeps your iPhone, or your kids, safe.

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