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Zohydro Release Date

Zohydro Pill

Addiction experts, physicians and more than 40 other health care officials, are urging the Food and Drug Administration to revoke approval of the prescription drug Zohydro.

The FDA approved the medication last fall to treat chronic pain, and it is set to become available to patients in March.

The opioid drug contains a potent amount of an active ingredient that could be lethal to new patients and children and is not safer than other current pain drugs, the groups told the Food and Drug Administration.

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  1. David Crenshaw Smith says:

    Don’t let the abusers and unscrupulous MD’s spoil the need for new pain relieving options! As a CVS/pharmacy pharmacist , I think it is a great option for chronic pain.

  2. dave says:

    Please Iet it out. I cant take the other two extended pain relievers.
    I have reoccurring kidney cancer I need to eliminate tylenol from my system.
    I have had chronic back pain for 28 years.

  3. 'jake says:

    Obviously these people do NOT have unbearable/constant pain. Yes, I believe in a test and review phase, but once it is approved – let the ‘pained’ have some relief. And, let these nay-sayers go away.

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