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Google Self Driving Car Gets One Step Closer with Patent

Self Driving CarGoogle has patented their “landing strip” technology for their self-driving cars. The patent application is called ‘transitioning a mixed-mode vehicle to autonomous mode’, which also relates to the car switching from human-driving mode to a driver-less state. The “landing strip” is a code that would help the car access the internet to get locations and directions.

The Google Land Strip patent states, “In some embodiments, a URL stored as a QR Code may enable the autonomous vehicle to download new instructions. A processing unit in the vehicle’s computer may be able to wirelessly access the Internet and retrieve autonomous mode instructions from an updated web location. For example, when accessing the URL, a unique vehicle serial number may be transmitted. The serial number could indicate that vehicle is in need of maintenance and the host may return instructions for the autonomous vehicle to automatically drive itself to the maintenance shop. Additionally, the URL may return instructions to load balance the vehicles.”Google Self Driving Car

Google already presented the idea of their self-driving car in October 2010 and are in advanced stages of development. The Google self-driving car has drove more than 1,000 miles without a driver, but a total of 1 million miles is necessary before they decide it’s good enough. Sebastian Thrun, who leads the dedicated car team at Google, wrote in the patent that Google’s cars have driven more than 200,000 miles without an accident.

The Google self-driving car patent states, “The autonomous vehicle may be used as a virtual tour guide of Millennium Park in Chicago. In the example embodiment, the vehicle may have an instruction to drive to the Cloud Gate (Silver Bean) sculpture at Millennium Park. When the vehicle arrives, the autonomous instruction may tell it to wait in the location for a predetermined amount of time, for example 5 minutes. The instruction may then direct the vehicle to drive to the Crown Fountain at Millennium Park and again wait for 5 minutes. Next, the instruction may tell the vehicle to drive to the Ice Rink at Millennium Park and wait for another predetermined amount of time. Finally, the vehicle instruction may tell the vehicle to return to its starting position.”

“In some embodiments, the vehicle instruction may be a fixed instruction telling the vehicle a single route and timing for the route. In another embodiment, the autonomous instruction may be a list of possible instructions presented to a human in the vehicle. The human may be able to select a point of interest and the vehicle will responsively execute the associated autonomous instruction. In a further embodiment, the vehicle instruction is a single command telling the vehicle to drive itself to one specific location,” added in the patent for a self-driving car from Google.

Google Self Driving Car Video:

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  1. Edward says:

    I’ve been waiting for this, no more drunk drivers, no more accidents, no more losses. Sign me up, you know to really prove it works they should put a car in the NASCAR series. lol You convince middle America … and … hold on boys….

  2. PeterCao says:

    This is actually a war between fascism and anti-fascism. At this stage, fascism still prevail in our lives. Eric Schmidt and Sebastian Thrun are just two forefront people we can see in this fascism circle. There are whole pack of fascists behind them.

    They had spread fascism spirit around the world to conspire victims and to cover up their crimes. As one of the victims, my basic rights of living as a human being were sacrificed for manyears in fighting against these fascism crimines. They had spread their fascism spirits around to every aspect of my life as a retaliation. If these fascism criminals could not be concurred, their fascism spirit would infect more and more innocent people. However, the more I suffer from their fascism crimes, the stronger I had the determination to clarify their crimes to the public and concur these criminals at authorities.

  3. PeterCao says:

    Google’s Eric Schmidt and Stanford AI Lab’s Sebastian Thrun had invovled into anti-humanity crimes which is fascism by nature.

    I bet Stanford people still feel painful on loss of an innocent Stanford student May Zhou without a convincible official explanation till today, so do I. Eric Schmidt and Sebastian Thrun’s side had conspired my life when I tried to push to clarify their roles in these crimes, including in May Zhou’s case.

    As far as I understood, Eric Schmidt and Sebasitan Thrun had tried to cover up their involvment into an innocent Stanford student May Zhou’s death on the questionable suicide theory in official conclusion at judicial authorities. However, after I pointed out major flaw of such suicide theory, authorities no longer insist it’s suicide, but accept that May Zhou’s case is a plotted murder. As I further point out that it is people on Sebastian Thrun and Eric Schmidt’s side who murdered May Zhou for Thrun’s sake to threaten me and to terrorize Stanford.

    Anyway, Eric Schmidt and Sebastian Thrun’s names are not clear in Stanford Student May Zhou’s death, as well as their later conspiracy on my life, and he dare not deny his involvment into these crimes to the public.

    What’s the problem? I bet that’s because they are afraid of facing the legal consequences once they deny these accusations to the public. That is the point.

    Proof of real names, dates, photos along with a police case number are listed in my blog link [ http://tysurl.com/BsEnQ4 ].

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