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Fisherman Catches Giant 231 Pound Halibut in Alaska

Alaska Halibut Fishing

Fishing is a way of life all over the world, it can be a career for some and the trill of adventure for others. Finding the right place to fish makes all the difference, and for a Kansas Construction worker he certainly found the perfect place to not only catch some fish, but capture a record in the process.

Dirk Whitsitt decided to take a little break from his construction job to go on his first ever fishing trip, and where did he decide to go? Alaska. He decided to go to the one area in Alaska that is known as “The Halibut fishing capital of the world” the 22 square mile city of Homer, AK.

Whitsitt was just an hour into his fishing trip last weekend when he made the capture of his lifetime, but the beast of a fish would not go without a fight.

“Towards the end of the fight, the fish headed back toward the bottom and we had to release the anchor to follow the fish, we shot it three times with a .38 special and used three gaffs to pull it aboard.” Captain David Bayes of DeepStrike Sportfishing said.

Shooting a halibut that size is actually recommended in the town of Homer as fishing authorities say any fish over 100 pounds should be taken down by a gun. This is because fish that size, especially Halibut are all muscle and can do damage to people and boats if they’re not killed before being brought on board.

The battled lasted around 45 minutes and when it was all said and done, Whitsitt and the boating crew hauled in the second biggest Halibut ever caught in Alaska. Weighing in at an amazing 231 pounds according to GrindTV. While some people will catch a fish a throw it back, Whitsitt decided to keep his prize trophy fish despite Bayes incentive of $250 fishing voucher to his passengers for releasing their catch.

“I offered Dirk a free fishing trip that included the $250 voucher, but he was not interested in it,” Bayes said

Amazingly this latest big catch was the third time in a month span that a 200 pound or larger Halibut has been caught in the town of Homer, the other two Halibut weighed in at 225 lbs and the record breaker of 236 pounds. I think it is safe to say that Dirk will have plenty of fillet to take back home to Kansas.

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