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First Person to Lose Google Glass, Luke Wroblewski

Google Glass Luke Wroblewski

Not everyone is lucky to be the first in owning a pair of Google Glass and to be the first in losing the pair is just plain unlucky.

Luke Wroblewski, a digital product design and strategy guy living in Silicon Valley has reported he lost his Google Glass while in an airport.

Luke Wroblewski shared his embarrassing news by tweeting, “So according to @googleglass support, I have the dubious honor of being the first person to lose a Google Glass. #yahme”

He wasn’t wearing the device when he lost it and said that it slipped out his bag as he went through airport security. “I’ll put them in a zippered pocket next time,” Wroblewski told Venture Beat.

“It’s pretty nerve-racking. It’s an expensive and still-rare item – plus I’ve been using them to develop Glassware. So it’s not good on a number of fronts,” he told Venture Beat via email.

If losing Google Glass isn’t bad enough, Wroblewski had all his accounts linked onto the device. Which makes things even more complicated. If someone gets a hold of it and boots it up, they will have access to all his private information.

Luckily, Luke Wroblewski says Google has a remote wipe, but the unlucky part? The device has to be online, he believes.

During a chat on Polar, 3mpire asks, “Doesn’t Google have a remote detonation feature? Check the license, I bet it’s in there.”

With Google being involved, the pair of Google Glass will likely be deactivated if it’s not returned soon.

Currently, Google forbids anyone from reselling, loaning, transferring or giving the device to any other person. If the rule is broken, then Google will deactivate the device, and “neither you nor the unauthorized person using the Device will be entitled to any refund, product support or product warranty.”

If someone does find Glass and tries to sign in with their own Google account, Google will know and will deactivate the device, reports Tom’s Hardware. Google is going to let Glass finally go into retail next year and allow customers to buy the device and give it to someone as a gift, but can not be resold.

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