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Disney Movies to Start Streaming on Netflix Starting 2016

Disney Movies on Netflix

Netflix and Disney strike up a deal that grants Netflix exclusive rights to show the Disney movies after their appearance in the theaters.  The deal is suppose to start in 2016, which will allow their customers to view Disney titles from the old “Cinderella”, or “Pinocchio”, to the newer titles that are coming out like “Wreck it Ralph” and “Brave”, as well as movies that will come out from the Walt Disney company.

Ted Sarandos, the chief content officer of Netflix says that the deal with Disney will be “a game changer” for the company. Considering the online battle for competitors to have the bigger and better movie libraries, a deal with the Disney company would certainly appear to be a huge game changer when one considers the massive amount of people who watch the Disney films.

However, the deal is raising some concerns among the Netflix customers, and potential customers, one of the concerns being the question “will Netflix raise its prices?”; Netflix on its behalf claims that it does not plan to raise prices of its movies despite its expenditure of $350 million for the rights to show Disney’s films.

Another thing people are wondering, is whether or not the deal will include Star Wars and the Avengers 2. Although they will be released in 2015, and the deal with Netflix will become active in 2016, as well they should be able to release Disney films seven to eight months after their arrival in the theaters. It is believed that the Lucas, and Marvel film will not be included in the Netflix and Disney film deal, and will be exclusive to Starz.

The information concerning the Netflix and Disney deal has not been released in full as of yet, so what will truly become of the Star wars, and Avengers 2 film will be revealed in due time as more information about the deal is released, along with how much of a game changer the Disney company will really make in the movie industry for Netflix. When competing against HBO, Amazon, Starz, etc… the more movie titles the company has access to the better their chances to compete in the industry.

Netflix Signs Content Deal with Walt Disney Company

Netflix has made a new licensing deal with Walt Disney Company. ABC, ABC Family and the Disney channel will now be available for video streaming over the internet with a Netflix subscription. The agreement states that content will be available, at the earliest, 15 days after initially airing on TV. Movies like “”High School Musical”” will also be available.

The video rental service says it’s streaming content is increasingly more popular than it’s by-mail offerings.

Disney/Pixar/Marvel COMES to Netflix

Today ETC talks about that feisty Disney mouse joining up with Netflix streaming!

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