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Egyptian Mermaid Paintings

Egyptian Mermaid Paintings

These cave painting drawings were released by the Animal Planet in preparation of their launch of Mermaids: The Body Found series on the Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet showing of Monsters.

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  1. Marielle says:

    which ocean was this?

  2. carlb says:

    i have been all over the web looking for pictures of the whole cave. not just the mermaids. also why has no one really gone out and explored it and put pictures of it on the web. as a former navy diver and sonar man. i have heard some weird stuff on my sub on patrol. and yes i do think they exist. we know more about mars and the moon than we do about the ocean. we must also remember if we did meet. they would be just as alien to use and we would be to them. so yes i think they are hiding out there somewhere. my guess is in the north. in the south you have too many predators to face mostly giant squids and large sharks. who like cooler water.

  3. marilyn calvert says:

    Where can I get prints to frame of the cave paintings in Egypt of the mermaids? They were shown on the body found mermaids.

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