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Believe In Mermaids WHOIS

Believe In Mermaids WHOIS

This is the WHOIS Domain Registry Lookup on the domain BelieveInMermaids.com a Discovery Channel promoted URL in their promo videos and shared in their TV series: Mermaids: The Body Found

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    hi im sharlean aldous from suffolk i like to say ive always belived that there are mermaids out there in real life and there is no one stoping me for keep on believing they are the most beautiful creature that ive ever seen on the documenture i wish that th us navy would tell millions of ppl out there th truth about these creatures s they are our ansisters and ther are loads ofppl out there trying to help this researchers to stop u from destroying some thing that our kids and grankids would lov to see as it would be fassnating for them every creature deserve to live on this planit just like we are so leave these mermaids alone and let them live here with use there are loads of ppl out there how your hurting to hear that your keeping these creatures and killing them so we cant see them its not fair to tell ppl yjey cant believe its ot ur dissition it the ppl that want to believe and acturelly want to keep these creatures safe just like we do for whales and dolphins so leave them be and stop hurting ppl and tell the truth before the truth hits you as ppl have found out the turth eles where your faithful sharlean aldous thanks

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