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Animal Planet Mermaids

Animal Planet Mermaids

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  1. steven says:

    if you want legit footage try to get to the deep web the government has been hacked and this is what did it so try to get it and there will be legit stuff

  2. Mary says:

    The government will never be truthful about anything that will challenge the status quo and wake up the “sound asleep” people called humanity or “stir” anyone from their numb-slumber. If that happened, people might put down their cell phones, turn off the television and start noticing what is going on in the real world. Can you imagine how excited people would be to see truth that a “fantasy” was in fact, a reality? Wake up you walking sleepers! Life is real in all its myriad forms. “Fantasy” doesn’t pop from thin air and all “fiction” has some basis in truth. Watch the documentary “Mermaid” on the discovery channel. Keep your eyes open! You will be amazed

  3. Andrea says:

    So, some of the hypothesis seemed ok to me…it was just an hypothesis. We need to be far less critical…all things are possible until proven impossible.

  4. lee says:

    if this supose to be real about real scientist that had a great discoverer why would you say in the beginning this is for enterainment,really that is a slap in the face to someone, that might have really documented this on ur show stuff like this is what makes people all jacked up in the head, i loved the animal planet for its truth about nature you just jacked that up for me if its not real dont air it and if it is stand bye it you said it was the first time it was realsed, So if you have doubts why do it.

    • Priscilla says:

      look i think its real, do you really think the government of the U.S.A will let people know about this ?? well no they wouldn’t their are some sites that say they have found real footage of mermaids but all of them have been blocked bye the U.S GOVERNMENT. so they wont be stupid enough to say all of this is real so that their chance to show us this would be blocked.

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