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6 DIY Home Plantar Fasciitis Methods

6. Arch Support Inserts

People suffering from plantar fasciitis or heel spurs can help prevent or reduce the inflammation by using proven arch supports that are also called orthotics, insoles and footbeds. Checking the reviews on these products can help you decide on their proven ability to help people with their ongoing plantar fasciitis pain. Technology is quickly advancing with better analysis of foot pressure, pronation and supination in your foots every day layout. These plantar fasciitis supports are designed to place the foot in correct anatomical alignment and reduce strain from your plantar fascia. Some popular brands that have been proven with tests and reviews are ones like Tread Labs, Super Feet, Powerstep, Syono Orthotic Gel Insoles, Tender Soles, Dr. Scholl’s, Airplus, Sorbothane and Airr Sof products. You need to make certain that you try multiple different products and don’t keep what doesn’t work, just return it. Different arch support products can be expensive but the dramatic effects they can have on your pain can be life changing.

How to use arch supports to reduce plantar fasciitis symptoms

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