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Google Maps Now Available for Apple iOS Devices

iOS 6 was launched in September and the Google Maps default application was suddenly gone. Apple launched their own mapping service with much anticipation from users. Fast forward just a few months and it has been nothing less than a disaster for Apple. Wrong map information, mismarked landmarks, old data and a handful of other issues are just the tip of the iceberg. Apple CEO Tim Cook even apologized... 

Drone Hacked With Spoofing on Approval of DHS by University of Texas Researchers

A drone was successfully hacked in the White sands Missile Range in New Mexico by a group of researchers. These researchers were given the opportunity to prove they could hack a drone outside of the lab and in the field using GPS spoofing. Who gave the University of Texas researchers this opportunity? The Department of Homeland Security extended the invitation to see if the hacking could be done. Even... 
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