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Kim Dotcom Launches Mega 1 Million Users Sign Up In 24 Hours

Kim Dotcom has launched his followup site called Mega, one year after his┬áresidence was raided by New Zealand police. The claims were based on copyright infringement for his file sharing site called Megaupload. At the time of the raid, his site had over 180 million registered users. Kim is still battling these charges and extradition to the US, while his bank accounts are frozen. Questionable tactics... 

The Pirate Bay DDOS Attack Fixed By Proxies

Whoever is attacking the The Pirate Bay is pretty serious with this current DDOS attack hitting the torrent sharing website that is popular among file sharers. The file sharing community flocks so much to ThePirateBay.org (more recently ThePirateBay.se) that governments around the world have started blocking access. The access to TPB file sharing site is done at the ISP level and many sites like TorrentFreak.com... 
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