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Leaf Blower Pictures Become Funny Viral Sensation [pics]

Leaf Blower Photography

“Don’t be afraid to change something in your life, because for me that was one the best decisions.” That was said by Tadas Černiauskas a former architect gone photographer. Tadas is the person who created the leaf blower pictures that are taking the Internet by storm and making people laugh, gasp and share with others.

Crazy Face Leaf Blower

In the Spring of 2010 Tadas Černiauskas decided to stop being an architect and start doing wedding photography. He now travels around the world doing personal projects like the one you can see below with the leaf blowing pics. They are named by Tadas with an edgy name, “Blow Job.”

These pictures certainly show what you would look like if you sat in front of a leaf blower and let it blow your eyes open, blow your lips to the side or rip your mouth open into a roar of fast wind. The speeds of a leaf blower can approach 145 miles per hour coming out of the end of the blower. With your cheeks, face, hair and looks put up against that strong wind your face does all kinds of things.

Leaf Blower Pictures

Tadas Černiauskas owns a photography studio in Vilnius, Lithuania now and has 5 portfolio collections listed on his website. They are Blow Job, Cuba in Colour, Cuba in Black, Red Hair Girls and New York Faces. Mr. Černiauskas’s claim to fame does certainly seem to be his leaf blower photography that is funny, revealing and at this point viral on Facebook, Twitter and forums.

Tadas told Business Insider on the telephone just on  Thursday May 17th, 2012 that “all of this is the result of an event held in his country’s capital city of Vilnius last week where artists opened up their studios and shops to the public for the evening.”

Feel free to share the excitement of wind in your face. If you’re bored, feel free to sit in front of your own leaf blower and send us some leaf blower photos!

Leaf Blow Job Pics

Leaf Blower Funny Photo

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